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Integrated e2e ERP systems create agility in the face of rapid market changes

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The Best SAP System for Your Business

Integrated e2e ERP Systems based on SAP technology create agility in the face of rapid market changes. As partners, Aicomp and T.CON are able to deliver them.

Quote-to-Cash process in SAP with extended functionality

T.CON and Aicomp - Covering All Processes in the Corrugated Industry

As partners, Aicomp and T.CON are able to deliver integrated e2e ERP systems based on SAP technology. 

As a full-service SAP provider, T.CON is a specialist in setting up digitally integrated end-to-end processes in manufacturing companies. One focus of T.CON’s SAP SE-certified expertise is on surface manufacturing, the mill products in the SAP Industry Solution Portfolio, and in particular the areas of paper, film, and coating. T.CON focuses on comprehensive SAP standard modules as well as industry solutions for planning and production optimization. As an expert in complex SAP product configuration and SAP cloud solutions, Aicomp specializes in ERP industry solutions for packaging manufacturers. Their primary focus began with corrugated board packaging (boxes, sheet and displays) and eventually expanded to include folding carton and flexible packaging.

In addition to dedicated SAP expertise, predefined industry logics and processes, both partners bring a range of highly specialized software products to their partnership that complement the standard SAP portfolio. 

Aicomp is expanding its software solutions portfolio with an SAP ERP add-on called VCPowerPack, which is used for real-time product configuration, costing and pricing, as well as enhanced master data management. All while incorporating data from production and logistics-related systems in every calculation. 

T.CON brings its TRIM SUITE software for waste optimization to the collaboration, which is used for paper, milled production, and corrugated board production, as well as an MES CAT for production execution and support, production planning and control.

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Gerhard Göbel - T.CON

Gerhard Goebel – T.CON

Product Owner TRIM SUITE

Jens Hennecke - Aicomp

Jens Hennecke – Aicomp


Saša Mihajlović – T.CON

Business Lead Paper and Packaging

Jeroen Koopman - Aicomp

Jeroen Koopman – Aicomp

CEO Americas

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